Permanent Brows: no longer block brows!


Unfortunately, due to the past versions of “Permanent Brows”, we still have this image instilled in us of these blue-grey or maybe even, green-ish block-like versions of brows, perhaps like the ones your grandma sports.

THOSE,  my dear friends ARE NOT,  the permanent brows,  of today.

Just as technology and proper techniques have evolved elsewhere, so have they in, the cosmetic tattooing department.

And THANK GOD for that!

Bad Brows
Baldy done Permanent Brows

Many of those older brow versions, you see were even done with a regular tattoo machine and INK!

Bad Brows
Baldy done Permanent Brows

These days, we create, permanent brows, with the help of a dermographe and pigment.

The technique to implanting the colour stays somewhat similar (small pokes made with a needle(s)), however, unlike a regular tattoo machine, the dermographe only implants the colour into the base of the epidermis.

A regular tattoo’s ink is implanted into the skin’s sub-level, the dermis.

The degree of implantation cause a regular tattoo to stay your whole life (if well done), while as a dermographe tattoo (or cosmetic tattoo), will last from 5-10 years, depending on the area and colour chosen.

We also have many new techniques which allow us to create, very natural-looking brows.

We can do strokes that give the same illusion to tiny hair-strokes (that’s right, similar to Microblading). We can also do shading, to give more dimensions to the strokes.

If you’re looking for more of a makeup look, we can do a combo of strokes and shading, or purely shading! The choice is yours!
But one thing is for sure: a properly done brow these days should suit your face, and not look likes its lost its way!!!

Permanent Brows Montreal Rive Sud Studio Holloway
Permanent Brows Studio Holloway, La Prairie, Montreal

So please, do your research, and find a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist that can recreate, the brows of your dreams; not your poor grandma’s brows 😉

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Permanent Brows  Montreal Rive Sud Studio Holloway
Permanent Brows Studio Holloway, La Prairie, Montreal

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